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For real savings, remove a stage of the process !


Bodyshops can achieve a dramatic reduction in process times and material consumption by taking an entire stage out of the painting process and that’s exactly what R-M has done with the introduction of DIRECTFILLER.

DIRECTFILLER is a versatile and efficient multi-purpose primer filler that provides real flexibility of application in the bodyshop, combining all the advantages of an anti-corrosion primer with a primer filler and a high build primer filler.

By incorporating the latest epoxy primer technology in DIRECTFILLER, bodyshops can eliminate the need for an etch primer, by applying just a single coat with the ease of a primer filler, direct to all popular automotive industry substrates including bare steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

Eliminating the etch priming stage means faster throughput, significantly reduced material consumption, reduced paint waste, it saves a gun cleaning stage and even helps reduce  bodyshop stock levels.

But the savings are just part of the story. DIRECTFILLER can be applied efficiently in one and a half coats as a primer filler. Alternatively, thanks to its vastly superior sprayability, compared to previous epoxy primers and its superb filling properties, two or up to three coat application achieves up to 100 microns film build.

DIRECTFILLER combines the corrosion protection of epoxy technology with the sprayability and ease of application of 2K primer fillers. While its excellent sanding behaviour, either wet or dry, puts DIRECTFILLER firmly in the premium product category and ideally suited to premium quality repairs.

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