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R-M Premium Partners scheme launched in Germany and Austria



R-M, the premium refinishing paint brand, is launching its R-M Premium Partners initiative: R-M aims to further extend its partnership with its customers, based on an European marketing approach. With this in mind, it is providing customers with a platform that will give them more extensive customer service and consultation through one-to-one dialogue with R-M. R-M Premium Partners will be launched in Germany and Austria in October.

One of the most important aspects of the R-M brand philosophy has always been working with the customer to find and implemelutions in a way that maximises customer benefit."The main idea behind R-M Premium Partners is to do even more for individual customers. Our aim is to set ourselves up in the market as a premium brand that is a close and personal business partner for its customers," explains Thomas Gmur, R-M Brand Manager, responsible for the European market.

R-M Premium Partners - the range of seminars

The R-M Premium Partners training program is aimed at bodyshop owners, managers or executives. We are offering them specially developed business seminars or tailored training programs that can help them to extend and secure sustainable economic success as R-M customers. Our seminars cover subjects ranging from business administration and personnel management to customer care and marketing.
Individual consultation sessions covering workshop planning, process optimisation or energy management are also available, run by R-M customer consultants with experience in automotive refinishing paint, together with selected external partners. Special events, such as the tour of R-M’s development lab in Clermont (near Paris), complete the program and give members an opportunity to make contact with top industry representatives.


R-M Premium Partners - a platform

Being a member of R-M Premium Partners gives customers access to an extremely useful platform where they can exchange information and make new contacts. These contacts can help them to develop better strategies for their company’s future. R-M’s aim is not to grant privileges to individual customers, but to find an individual strategy for each business to enhance its profile and to build on its specific strengths. This may involve making practical changes, such as extending the range of products and services that the business offers and improving customer care, or extending theoretical knowledge with the R-M Premium Partners program.
Thomas Gmur has a clear vision of how the R-M scheme will be implemented across Europe: "R-M Premium Partners supports the R-M brand philosophy perfectly by achieving joint success through partnership, and will implement this philosophy across Europe. Each country will, however, be able to adjust seminar content independently, so all seminars will be able to meet specific regional needs."


R-M Premium Partners - setting standards

Being a market leader in the automotive refinishing paint industry, R-M takes its responsibility of setting international standards very seriously and, given that the market is changing with increasing speed, investing in personal contacts and long-term business relationships. The
R-M brand objectives of fulfilling the highest quality standards and establishing a partnership with the customer are met perfectly by R-M Premium Partners. This makes membership suitable for any company that shares R-M’s ambitious goals and has set its sights on a profitable future. Regular participation in the R-M Premium Partners seminar program is sure to pay off.

The seminars are held in Germany and Austria. For an annual fee, any R-M customer can become an R-M Premium Partner and actively utilise and support the partnership and the extensive range of services.

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