R-M importers on the road to success: R-M honours the four best thanks to a successful strategy promoting top performance | rmpaint
R-M importers on the road to success: R-M honours the four best thanks to a successful strategy promoting top performance



For R-M, BASF's premium refinish paint brand, a close working partnership with its customers is one of the most important building blocks in shared success. At the R-M Importers Convention in Dubrovnik, where the importers from the Central, Middle and Eastern European regions as well as those from the Near East, the United Arab Emirates, and North and South Africa met, the main focus was on strategy and honouring the best business achievements.



35 R-M Importers, met at the Convention, to exchange ideas on current market development, customer needs and strategic measures and to further develop these ideas together.

R-M Global Business Management focused on four vital business areas: Solution Selling - the sale of high-quality, flexible and sustainable product systems as all-in-one solutions. Key Account Management - how new customers can be won and the business portfolio expanded. Best Team - how to expand one’s own competence by means of qualified professionals, and Premium Market - an awareness that the highest quality, premium brands are worth the price. These were the areas which the R-M managers presented to the importers as part of the premium brand strategy – their goal being to support the partners in pulling together to adopt these measures and above all, to adapt to the conditions of the market in their respective countries.

"We rely on partnerships at R-M: The fact that we can discuss our regional and national market needs and required measures so openly and constructively here in Dubrovnik is hugely important to the brand and to every individual whose goal is to generate business success", said R-M Brand Manager Thomas Gmür.

The top contenders in the four categories, who have already been extremely successful implementing the R-M strategy package, provide the best evidence of this. Harald Pflanzl, Senior Vice President, Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Europe, and René Lang, Vice President, responsible for Sales and Regional Distribution, Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Europe, personally handed over the awards in recognition of outstanding performance.

Recognised for their achievements in 2011 were; " Carsystem D.O.O." from Slovenia, distinguished for the best performance in Key Account Management. "TechnoPaint" from Egypt gave proof of its achievements as the best team in commercial and technical support. "Color Slovakia s.r.o." from Slovakia achieved the highest growth results, while the award for best System Supplier was given to "Al Dahiya Auto Spare Parts LLC" from the United Arab Emirates.

"We present these awards not only to highlight the achievements of our business partners," remarked Arie Verboon, R-M Regional Business Manager for the Middle East, "but also to express, above all, our appreciation of R-M’s Management. The importers have accomplished outstanding work in implementing our strategies and adopting them as their own for our shared success."

"When wonderful services are rendered, especially in difficult times, such services need to be rewarded," said Martina Fischer, R-M Regional Business Manager for Middle Europe. "The prize winners among our importers have once again reconfirmed the recipe for success: a clear strategy, a professional team, challenging goals and a strong brand."

An honorary prize was given to Miloslav Koš?ál from "Autolaky Mikos s.r.o." in the Czech Republic, who retired after 18 years of challenging and successful partnership with R-M. He handed over the R-M business to the new importer Štefan Bu?an from "Bu?an sro."

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