R-M is a premium automotive paint brand with an international reputation for innovation and quality. Maintaining that reputation is directly attributable to the knowledge, skill and dedication of a crack team of Global Trainers who have each been presented with their latest certification at the Academy of Refinish Coatings Technology, acknowledging the very highest standards of technical excellence.


The Academy of Refinish Coatings Technology is headed up by Kevin McDermott who said “It is vital that we maintain a strong team of qualified and experienced staff to ensure every R-M customer benefits from the highest level of support to maintain our position as leader in the industry”.


Naturally, R-M sets the bar very high when it comes to certifying the Global Trainers as they are responsible for organising and auditing the training in countries all over the world, so they really have to be at the top of their game.

Even one of the very newest recruits to the R-M Technical Team, Willy Bontenakel succeeded in these demanding tests. At the other end of the scale, Michael Irving, who joined fairly recently and Michel Bohlinger, who’s a long established R-M team member, were equally successful. Naturally, Ronny Raeymaekers, the Refinish Competence Center Manager, was successful and received his certification too.


Special guests joining Kevin McDermott at the certification ceremony included the  President of BASF Group - Coatings Division, Markus Kamieth, the Senior Vice President of BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings, Harald Pflanzl  and, the head of customer service, Jürgen Book who judged with a training manager each of the Global Trainers in nine categories including color matching, blending, spot repair and troubleshooting.




On first level from left to right, the 3 Global Trainers with their diploma:

Michael Irving - Willy Bontenakel - Michel Bohlinger

On second level from left to right, Kevin McDermott, the Head of Refinish Coatings Technology Academy - Ronny Raeymaekers, Refinish Competence Center Manager - Harald Pflanzl, Senior Vice President of BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings - Jürgen Book, the Head of Customer Service and in front, Markus Kamieth, President of BASF Group - Coatings Division.

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