R-M bodyshops throughout the world that have adopted the R-M grey shade program and the corresponding R-M MULTIFILLER greyshade primers have benefited from faster process, times, reduced material consumption and most important of all, better profitability!

Now R-M is supercharging the grey shade program with the launch of three new high performance grey shade primers that have all the benefits of the MULTIFILLER range, plus the added advantage of enhanced performance across the range from improved sandability and better flow properties to faster process times.

The new grey shade primers are called PERFECTFILLER and are available in white, grey and black to provide the perfect foundation to further enhance the performance of the full range of R-M topcoat colors.

As every bodyshop strives to improve efficiency, while reducing material consumption, PERFECTFILLER can now be applied as well in just two coats compared to the three coats required by MULTIFILLER CP, significantly reducing process times and material consumption. Three coats of PERFECTFILLER can be applied where higher filling properties may be required.

PERFECTFILLER requires no changes to technical application or mixing ratio as these are identical to MULTIFILLER, but the overall performance of the PERFECTFILLER primers is clearly superior with further improvements to sprayability, improved sanding performance, better flow out/levelling and faster flash off prior to baking for 20 minutes at 60°C.

PERFECTFILLER white, grey and black can of course be mixed together, as an integral part of the grey shade program to accurately match a grey shade further optimising the performance of all topcoat colors and, in addition, PERFECTFILLER can be further improved with ultra fast drying following the addition of SPEEDFLASH or SPEEDFLASH S.

PERFECTFILLER, as its name suggests is the perfect solution for today’s bodyshops that are working hard to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and booth times, while reducing material consumption, lowering costs and being kind to the environment.

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